+ Though he has no siblings, biologically, he considers his best friends - Zack and Dani - to be his family. And, by extension, he's "adopted" their families as his own.

+ A "latchkey kid," Quin has been exceptionally independent since he was a child. This was aided by the fact that his parents ensured their home was very accomodating for a child, with everything he needed being within reach, and by their teaching him necessities (like how to do his own laundry, for example) early on in life.

+ Compuslvive organization, and the need for there to be a specific process to things, makes it difficult for Quin to work with others. He manages, because he has to, but that comes at a price.

+ Despite being an only child, Quin is very social and sociable. He needs to be around people as much as possible to avoid becoming depressed.

+ As much as he loves his job at Starbucks, particularly because it engages the side of him that needs to be around others, the idea that he could never be or do anything "better" than that is one of his biggest fears.

+ Because their careers have always required frequent traveling, Quin has grown accustomed to his parents plying him with gifts instead of actually being present in his life. Although it used to bother him, particularly when they would miss school events and he was forced to watch his classmates interact with their families, he has come to realize that he could have had it much worse and tries not to let it get to him like it did before.

+ The quiet unsettles him, and always has. He needs noise of some sort, even when he's trying to sleep, and frequently does so with his TV on or music playing.

+ Though it's a habit that he would like to break (sooner rather than later), Quin is a social smoker. It's a habit that he picked up his senior year of high school, after a little bit of a breakdown over not knowing what it was he wanted to do with his life after graduation.

+ Spent much of his childhood with a "schoolboy" crush on Kila, his best friends older sister. It was the kind of crush that came with frequent teasing and hair pulling, because "boys will be boys." And though he has long since grown out of that crush, the teasing and jokes at his (and, sometimes, Kila's expense) still crop up from time to time.

+ Though he didn't need to work (and still doesn't), he chooses to so that he has something to do. He's found that the less idle time he has on his hands, the better it is for him.

+ While he'd had the option to move out after graduating high school, Quin chose to remain living at home simply because it was like he lived alone already. So staying put was easier, and made the most sense.

+ His friendliness is genuine. Being the "people person" that he is, Quin thrives in situations that permit him to branch out and meet new people. He's never met a stranger, in a manner of speaking, and will generally be the first person to introduce himself to someone new when with a group.

+ Being a very non-confrontational person, conflict tends to make Quin incredibly uneasy. He's much more prone to being passive, more often than not but, as the case can be with anyone, hitting the right nerve will provoke an entirely different reaction.

+ Is severely allergic to shellfish, and the conditioning to avoid it has leant itself to an aversion to even just the smell of any kind of shellfish bring prepared.

+ Easily becomes obsessed with TV shows and characters on TV shows to the point that, during the fall season, he's stuck with a perpetually too long "to watch" list of shows that he needs to catch up on. Most often, he doesn't get around to that until mid-season breaks. But, that doesn't mean he can't theorize and discuss with the best of them!

+ Even though Quin is still trying to figure out what it is he wants out of life, and what his long-term goals are beyond what he is currently doing, he is currently a student at NYU Steinhardt where he is studying for his BS in "Media, Culture, and Communication."